Women of Wisdom

Whitestar's willingness to entrust the success or failure of its products into the hands of one woman speaks volumes of the faith the company had in the role of women in the professional workforce. The same is echoed today, since Whitestar is committed to Enlighten, Educate and Empower women across the globe.

Whitestar has imbibed the Women of Wisdom Campaign in its direct selling model, creating invaluable connections that last a lifetime. Women of Wisdom invites women to share in the immeasurable rewards of self-confidence and ensures the next generation of women will benefit from this knowledge.

Celebrating women and the powerful bond of friendship that connects them together, Whitestar's Women of Wisdom honors women across the globe and the profound life altering impact they can have on one another. True to its virtue, The company recognizes the extraordinary source of strength, that women derive from one another, which enables them to feel confident and secure in their ability to succeed..

Whitestar gives every woman the flexibility to set work schedules, own a business, earn extra income and have a wide circle of influence. The Women of Wisdom also provides an incredible support team of women all with a vested interest in personal and financial success.